About People First of Rapid City

People First Philosophy

People First is a self-advocacy organization of people with disabilities. The group is based on the following philosophical concepts:

  • People First want to perceived by others as people who have something to offer and skills to share rather than being seen as persons with handicaps and limitations
  • People First is a self-advocacy organization and that means that people learn to speak for themselves.
  • People First is a peer group process which, over time, allows person to learn to talk for themselves, advocate for themselves, listen to others, make choices, listen to peers, make decisions, solve problems, and ultimately develop leadership skills.
  • People First is a process which must be paced to insure that every person present has a chance to learn to participate to the best of their ability and learn how to advocate for themselves.
  • People First belongs to the people.

What Do We Want?

People First wants to be treated with dignity and respect. We want the right to make our own decisions. We want to be in control of any plans that have to do with us. We want to be recognized as a primary advocacy group for people with developmental disabilities.

People First wants to live in a safe environment. We want an accessible environment. We want more chances to live where we want. We want low cost housing. We want our privacy.

People First doesn’t want to live in poverty. We want more jobs in community businesses. We want to be paid a fair wage when we work. People First wants transportation to get where we want to go. We want 24 hour bus service. People First wants full medical and health benefits.

What Do We Offer?

People First offers support, a united voice, and advocacy to its members. We offer information and help develop service projects in the communities we live in. We offer information and assistance to countries around the world in starting new chapters. We offer participation in DD Council Boards, ARC Boards, Transit Boards, and other boards in our community.

For more information, email us at peoplefirst@bhws.com